Does it bother anyone else that there are parts of your life you don’t remember? You have done and said things that you don’t even know about anymore. That means you don’t even have the right perception of yourself because you don’t even fully know who you are. However, something that you’ve forgotten about could be a prominent memory in somebody else’s mind. It trips me out.

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I’m just tryna earn a little heart emoji next to my name in ya phone shawty

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very small dog? puppy

very big dog? puppy

very young dog? puppy

very old dog? puppy

puppy? puppy

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if someone “fights like a girl” you should be absolutely terrified of them have ever seen a girl fight they’ll rip your fucking throat out with their hands while the guys are still doing that weird cobra posturing thing for five minutes 

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mom, dad… i’m…. RANDOM!! LOL XD

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listen to people when they are mad, it’s the only time you will hear the truth

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