there should be a dating website called ebae

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In the United States they don’t say I love you they say “you got kik?” And I think that is beautiful

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how many chainz could 2 chainz chain if 2 chainz could chain chainz

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everything love♥ (source)

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what’s really fucked up about Jennifer lawrence’s nudes being leaked is that they were hacked from her phone.
her and her partner took those photos in an intimate moment to share with each other in good faith and someone hacked into her phone and stole them. nobody was doing…



*grabs my own ass* nice

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It honestly breaks my heart to think that somewhere in the world right now, Jennifer Lawrence (in addition to multiple other women) may very well be crying her eyes out because her privacy has been greatly compromised in one of the most awful ways possible. This is so fucking disgusting and whoever did this is a fucking low-life pig.

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